The following notes give guidance on how to complete the on-line application. Please read them carefully. The applicant should print and retain these notes for reference. For enquiries, please contact HCIA & Company (e-mail: i@hcia.co).

(a)使用本系统作网上申请时,你的浏览器必须接受cookie。一般浏览器均预设为接受cookie。如你发现系统拒绝接受你递交的数据,请检查浏览器的cookie设定。倘若你因个别理由选择不接受cookie,请下载(这里是申请书的下载链接)本申请书填写。 (注意:网景 (Netscape) 浏览器第1.x版未必能处理过长的网上申请书。如你正使用网景浏览器第1.x版,请下载(这里是申请书的下载链接)本申请书填写。)
For making on-line application through this system, your browser needs to accept cookie. In general, browsers accept cookie by default. If you have encountered difficulty in data submission, please check the cookie setting of your browser. If you do not wish to accept cookie for specific reasons, please download the application form and fill in in writing.
(Note: Netscape vl.x browser may have problem in handling long application form. If you are using Netscape v l.x, you are also advised to download the application form to fill in in writing

(b) 本网上申请书共包括4部份。在完成每部份后,请按「递交」。系统会把你递交的数据再度显示在屏幕上,以供复核。核对完毕后,你可打印有关数据作日后参考,并按「继续」进入下一节。
The on-line application form consists of FOUR parts. After filling in each part, please click the "Submit" button and the system will recap the data input on screen. Check the accuracy of the submission carefully. After verifying the data, print the data for future reference where necessary and press the ¨Continue〃 button to proceed to the next part of the application.

(c) 如你未能在进入系统后2个工作日内完成整份申请书,可使用系统内的「另存新档」连结,把已递交的部分存盘,方便日后上载有关数据到表格内继续申请,或将来申请另一职位时,上载有关档案使用。
If you cannot complete the whole application within 2 days, you can use the ¨Save as〃 link built in the system to save the parts you have submitted. You can then upload the saved data into the application form when you login the system again for continuation of the application, or when you apply for other jobs through the system in future.

(d) 斯雅公司会在你递交整份网上申请书后2个工作日内以电邮确认你的申请已获受理。为确保申请书及确认通知传递无误,你必须于网上申请书内填写正确的电邮地址。
The HCIA & Company will acknowledge receipt, through e-mail, of completed on-line application within 2 days after you have submitted the application. To ensure a successful transmission of your on-line application and our acknowledgement, you must enter your e-mail address correctly on the on-line application.

(e) 你只会在递交整份网上申请书后才获发网上申请编号。 日后与招募职系/部门联络时,请引述你的网上申请编号。
An on-line application number will be generated after you have completed all four parts of the on-line application form. Please quote this number in all future correspondence.

(f) 如你未有在递交整份申请书后2小时内接获确认申请通知,请你从速与招募职系/部门联络。
If you have not received any acknowledgement within 2 hours after you have submitted your application on-line, please contact us urgently.

(g) 申请人可就多份同时招募的职位填写一份网上申请书。(请留意有关招募广告所注明的申请手续。)
Applicant may complete one on-line application form for more than one job currently being advertised for recruitment. (Please refer to the relevant recruitment advertisement for details regarding application procedures, in particular whether candidates are required to fill in this application form)

(h) 职位截止申请后,有关的网上招募广告将被移除。请保留你所申请每份职位的招募广告副本一份,以备日后参考。
HCIA Program advertisements will be removed from the website after close of application. Please print a hard copy of the recruitment advertisement of each job for which you have applied for future reference.

(i) 申请人必须填报申请书内要求提供的所有个人资料,但注明是可选择是否填报的数据则属例外。招募职系/部门可能要求申请人就特定项目提供详细数据,以支持申请个别职位。申请人必须参阅招募广告内列出的有关要求填写本申请书。 申请人如未能提供所需的所有数据,或所填写的数据,未能清楚显示申请人具备有关职位所规定最起码的学历、训练、经验或其他条件,申请书将不获受理。
Your provision of all the personal data requested in this form is obligatory, except those items clearly marked as optional. You should particularly note that recruiting grades/departments may require you to provide specific details to support your application for individual vacancies. You should refer to the recruitment advertisement for such requirements in filling in this form.Your application will not be considered if you fail to provide all information as requested, or it is not clear from your statements that you have the minimum qualifications, training, experience or other requirements specified for the program(s).

(j) 申请人在本申请书内所提供的个人资料,将用于招募工作以及其他与雇用有关的事宜上。如有需要,有关资料可能会送交获授权处理有关资料的部门及其他组织或机构, 用以进行与项目有关的事宜,例如学历评审、体格检查、雇主推荐及操守审查等。
The personal data provided in this form will be used for recruitment and other employment-related purposes. It may be provided to HCIA & Company departments and other organizations or agencies authorized to process the information for purposes relating to recruitment by and employment with the Government e.g. qualifications assessment, medical examination, employer reference and integrity checking, etc. as may be necessary.

(k) 在一般情况下,未获取录申请人的数据将于其落选日期后12个月内全部销毁。
Information on unsuccessful candidates will normally be destroyed 12 months after rejection of the candidate's application.

(l) 申请人如持有本港以外学府或专业团体所颁授的学历及/或专业资格,请在递交网上申请书后2星期内向招募职系/ 部门提交有关当局所签发的文凭/证书、成绩单及列明有关课程的授课形式 (例如全日制/兼读制、在当地院校授课/遥距课程等) 的证明文件副本。在提交有关文件副本时,请列明所申请职位的名称、网上申请编号、姓名及香港身分证/护照号码。为了方便进行学历评审的工作,申请人在取得上述学历前,如已获取其他学历, 也应尽可能提供上述的学历证明文件副本。 请勿递交任何文凭/证书或其他学历证明文件的正本。
For applicants holding academic and/or professional qualifications obtained from institutions or professional bodies outside Hong Kong, please send copies of your diplomas/certificates, transcripts of studies and official documents stating the mode of delivery (e.g. full time/part time, on campus/distance learning, etc.) of the study programmes in 2 weeks' time after successfully submitting the on-line application to the recruiting grade/department.Please specify the job title, the on-line application number you received, your name and HKID Card/Passport number in your submission.To facilitate assessment of qualifications, documents on the prior qualifications obtained should also be supplied as far as possible. Do not send any originals of diplomas/certificates or other qualification documents.

(m) 有关各招募职系/部门的联络地址,请参阅招募广告。
For the correspondence address of the recruiting grade/department, please refer to the relevant recruitment advertisement.
If you have not received any acknowledgement within 2 hours after you have submitted your application on-line, please contact us urgently.

(n) 递交申请书后,本申请书内所提供的数据(包括香港特别行政区永久性居民的身分)如有任何更改时,申请人必须通知招募职系/部门。
You are required to notify the recruiting grade/department if there are any subsequent changes to the information provided, including the permanent resident status of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, after successfully submitting the on-line application.

(o) 递交申请书后,如欲更改或查询个人资料,或查询与招募有关的事宜,请与招募广告内列出的招募职系/部门负责人联络。你也可于互联网上的斯雅有限公司网页 (网址:http://www.hcia.hk)阅览各项目的联络详情。
For correction of or access to personal data after submission of the application form or enquiries on recruitment matters, please contact the subject officer of the recruiting grade/department as specified in the recruitment advertisement. Contact details for enquiries on recruitment matters are also available from the HCIA & Company Homepage on the Internet at http://www.hcia.hk.

(p) 经互联网递交申请书时,有机会把数据外泄。
There is a possibility of information exposure on Internet during the transmission of this application.

(q) 你可于职位截止申请日期后1星期内,使用你的网上申请编号、电邮地址及个人密码经互联网查询你在申请书内所提交的数据, 或递交补充资料。请使用以下网址:http://apply.hcia.hk
You can use your on-line application number, e-mail address and PIN to make on-line enquiries about what you have submitted or provide supplementary information through the Internet within 1 week from the closing date for application at http://apply.hcia.hk

(r) 如你忘记了所申请职位的网上申请编号及/或个人密码,你可经上述网址于指定期限内进行网上查询。
If you cannot remember your on-line application number and/or PIN, you may make on-line enquiries about such information through the above links within the specified period.

I understand that if I willfully give any false information in this application form or withhold any material information, I shall render myself liable to dismissal if appointed to the service of the HCIA & Company.
If you have not received any acknowledgement within 2 hours after you have submitted your application on-line, please contact us urgently.

I understand and accept that all the transportation fee, visa fee and, travel insurance fee and other personal consumption should be covered by myself.

I understand and accept that I have the accountability to purchase valid insurance for the purpose of security during the program.

本人明白並同意在除非斯雅公司自行取消該項目, 否則申請費用以及項目費用將不退還。
I understand and accept that Unless the program is cancelled by the HCIA & Company, neither the application fee or program fee is not refundable.
If you have not received any acknowledgement within 2 hours after you have submitted your application on-line, please contact us urgently.

I understand and accept that the program organizer reserves the right to change the time and place of program meetings and to change the program tutor should this be necessary.

本人明白並同意如在活動期間遇上颱風警號(八號或以上)或黑色暴雨警告, 該天活動將會取消。
I understand and accept that If Typhoon Signal No 8 or Black Rainstorm Warming is in force, classes will be cancelled that day.

I understand and accept that HCIA & Company has no accountability for any dissension between applicants and companies.

I understand and accept that I must follow any roles and arrangement by the host companies.

I understand and accept that should be accountable for leaking out any data or business secret besides the needs of this internship programme.

I understand and accept that neither the host companies or the HCIA & Company is accountable for my illegal acts during the programme.

I understand and accept the recommended travel agency by HCIA & Company for the purpose of security

本人明白並同意遵守斯雅公司的安排, 斯雅公司有權取消其加入參加項目的資格,即使學生已獲錄取通知書,亦可遭無條件取消。
I understand and accept to follow all arrangement by HCIA & Company, the HCIA & Company have the right to render the applicants liable to disqualification for recruitment by the HCIA & Company, even if the applicant have already received the offer from the HCIA & Company.

I consent to the HCIA & Company making any necessary enquiries for purposes relating to the program with the HCIA & Company and for the verification of the information given above. I authorize HCIA & Company to release any record or information as may be required for these enquiries (including, inter alia, obtaining a reference from my current and/or previous employer(s) before offer of appointment; obtaining my medical examination reports, medical board reports or medical records from relevant authorities/agencies/medical personnel and transferring of such data to other authorities/agencies/medical personnel; and making enquiries from relevant institutions/agencies regarding my academic/professional qualifications and obtaining relevant records and transferring of such data to other authorities/agencies for qualifications assessment).

I understand and accept that the information given above will be provided to departments/agencies authorized to process the information for purposes relating to the project of the HCIA & Company e.g. qualifications assessment, medical examination, integrity checking and employer reference, etc.

I understand and accept that the HCIA & Company reserves the right of final interpretation.

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